Transformers Monthly – The Marvel UK Comic That Never Was

The original (American) Transformers comic ended in the summer of 1991 with the publication of its 80th issue. By this point, Marvel UK’s Transformers comic was solely a “reprint” title and astute readers were quick to realise that the title’s days (and issues) were indeed numbered.

But before the end there was a brief but false glimmer of hope in issue 330 of the British series, and it went something like this:

“THE BIG NEWS! … We know that you’ve all been a little glum about where Transformers has been going… Well, surprise, surprise! … As of issue 333, Transformers will get a bright, polished new look. What you’ll be getting is a 36-page monthly containing 10 pages of newly-coloured Transformers classic adventures, … all the usual bits ‘n’ pieces, plus five originated … pages of Transformers that will continue the saga of the … Autobots and Decepticons! … What better way to kick off 1992?!”

Needless to say, what actually happened was more of a proverbial kick to the lug-nuts. Issue 333 never came to pass and, in January 1992, Transformers (UK) ceased regular publication with issue 332.

Fans of Transformers (UK) like myself have been tormenting ourselves ever since, imagining just what that monthly comic might have been like.

In 2012 IDW published Regeneration One, a continuation of the original (American) Transformers comic that took it, in a manner of speaking, to issue 100. While the storyline of Regeneration One is wholly incompatible with the original Marvel UK narrative, it did get me thinking back to that promised “Transformers Monthly”.

The “retail incentive” covers to the Regeneration One issues by Geoff Senior and Josh Burcham seemed to suit the spirit of Transformers (UK) perfectly and, as my mind wandered down the path of speculation once again, I thought it would be fun to see how those new covers would look if adorned with the style of logos, mastheads, and coverlines that Marvel UK tended to use.

More recently, Guido Guidi provided some covers to IDW’s 2019 Transformers comic book. These are very much in the style of the original comics and so, again, I wanted to see how they would look as if they’d been part of Marvel UK’s “Transformers Monthly”.

And so I present a handful of speculative covers: Transformers Monthly – The Marvel UK Comic That Never Was*

*Fantasy situation

May your luster never dull, and your wires never cross!

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